Cloud Computing Solutions

IT’S TIME TO MOVE AHEAD WITH CLOUD COMPUTING! (Ensure security, flexibility and reliance on database management)


Loss of business data could be considered as one of the worst nightmares a businessman could ever have. Imagine a situation where your organization needs to deliver the product to the customers, and out of nowhere, the intrusions cause loss of data that would take some time to recover. What is your remedy then? How could you make the operations safer and reliable? Is there any technology that could help in complete security of database?

The answer to all the above questions is one: Cloud Computing. In the past couple of years, the importance of cloud computing has increased. With improvement in internet based programs, cloud computing has proved to be one of the best alternatives for assuring complete security of valuable database. In the organizational context, the database management is swiftly shifting from traditional manual systems comprising layers of switches, VLANs, and security products. Even though these systems were revolutionary when they replaced the traditional storage of database, but with the advancements in IT in the past few years, the traditional database management systems could be regarded as obsolete and outdated.

Allience Technologies understands the challenges posed by the external environment before the businesses today and offers complete cloud computing solutions. The database management is simplified and made more reliable as ever before. With introduction of virtual network services, the businesses have the freedom to access data and information through cloud‐based applications as per their own needs.

Solutions by Allience Technologies

The computing based on the internet is provided by Allience Technologies depending on the nature and size of the organizations. We ensure provision of the following solutions and advantages:


The businesses will have the option to compute and manage the cloud needs as per their organizational size and nature. The cloud space could be increased and reduced as per the exact requirements of the clients.

Disaster Recovery

Allience Technologies assists the organizations in recovering the data in case of any disaster which leads to loss of data in the shorter period of time.

Automated Updates

All the programs aimed to provide hassle‐free cloud solutions to the clients are updated automatically.

Maximum Output with Minimum Capital Expenditure

Allience Technologies provide cloud solutions which are based on the needs of the organizations. Our solutions are unlike any other options available in the market that offer the space based on the packages offered. The clients will never have to be worried about hidden charges or peak time surge charges.

Increase Collaboration

The role of Allience Technologies does not end with provision of cloud space to the clients. In fact, it increases once the organizations collaborate with us. Our aim is to ensure that all the hassles in the processes should be eliminated with collaborative development.