No business actually likes huge chunks of data which hardly adds any value to the organization. During complex decision‐making process, the process of extracting useful and relevant information out of the database is not only tiresome, but it also results in delaying the decision‐making process. At times, the businesses have no clue about the hidden patterns, correlation of two objects, market trends, and customer preferences, all of them which are embedded in the available database, but yet it is out of the reach of the business for decision making.

Allience Technologies help the businesses to assist the organization through Big Data Analytics in order to take well‐informed decisions. Our technology helps the businesses in finding meaningful context and content in the available data that hardly makes any sense from the outside. It works as a decision support system for the businesses. The data sets have been growing exponentially in the past two decades. The conventional business intelligence programs could not mine the information required specifically for decision‐making of an organization. This is where the Big Data Analytics as offered by Allience Technologies help the client in more effective marketing, better customer service, improved operational efficiency and competitive advantages over rivals.


Unified communications products are referred to a cluster of different equipments integrated to provide a platform for the organization. It includes the following products:



The 3 V’s of data: volume, variety, and velocity are included in the Big Data Analytics.

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Allience Technologies assists the organizations in taking most optimum results in respect of long‐term objectives of their... businessesTechnologies.

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Some of the most recurring issues and training problems could be taken care by the artificial intelligence solutions offered by Allience Technologies...

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From procurement of raw materials, processing of finished goods, and delivery of the goods to the doorsteps of the consumers,...

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Our solutions ensure best possible business decision making

The overall costs for maintaining traditional databases and data mining processes could be reduced consistently

The risk management process is improved, as major part of the risk related to database is eliminated

We assure drawing the insights from the historical data in order to assure that the organization remains proactive in the overall procedure

Why Us

Our expert team has impeccable credentials in big data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions

The modelling methods introduced by the company assure proper growth of your business

The information requirement of every business is distinct from one another; our solutions are not general but customized based on the exact customer needs.


Awards and Recognitions

Recognition for Exceptional Performance for FY: 2009-10 by Tata Communications

Winner of Matrix Reloaded Incentive Scheme: Tata Teleservices Limited (Dec 2012)

Best Value Added Reseller Award: Premier Partner League Awards, 2012

Second Runner Up: Category D by Game Plan Japan, 2015

Category A Partner (Winner): Tata Communications, 2011

Life Cycle Management Partner Award in pursuit of excellence and outstanding achievement in FY 2013-14: Tata Docomo

Certificate of Appreciation: For commitment and contribution to ‘Do Big’ Scheme 2012-13: Tata Docomo

Base Management Award: For achievement of highest base growth in FY 2014-15: Tata Docomo

Oustanding Achievement Award FY 2014-15: Tata Docomo