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There are hardly any businesses (or individuals) in which are not dependent or affected by information technology. The scope and impact of IT has increased drastically over the past few years, and the overall impact is yet to reach the saturation point. Due to the huge potential of the process and its relative impact on the lives of people, it is imperative that the IT based processes should be secured to ensure smooth transition from traditional business processes to IT based processes. With expansion in the dependency of business transactions on online processes, the overall chances of theft and damage to the hardware, software, and information stored on the network increases consistently.

The solutions provided by Allience Technologies protect the IT environment of the organizations. The solutions could be synchronized with the internal governance policies of the companies to assure risk-free adoption of new applications and technologies. The solutions assist businesses of all nature and types, thereby helping the clients in smooth transformation from traditional to IT based business processes. Our offerings assist the organizations from data centre to the cloud in order to mitigate the risk in the IT based processes.


Endpoint Security

The devices directly connected to corporate networks are vulnerable to cyber attacks. The endpoint security solutions provide security standards to such devices like laptops, handheld devices, tablets, and mobile phones. Our solutions include Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) for protection of devices against external threats like viruses, hackers, spam, malware, and phishing through complete system scanning. Our solutions also offer Standard Endpoint Protection (SEP) provides web protection, antivirus programs, and device control solutions through a tailor made program meant to cater the standard needs of the clients.

Server Protection

The clients should be rest assured about highest performance delivery from their installed servers with the server protection solutions offered by Allience Technologies. The solutions help in keeping a watch over malware that could possibly attack the server. The inbuilt technology of the protection solutions help in around the clock monitoring of popular server applications to assure that the data centre and server is protected even during the updates.

Email Protection

Majority of IT attacks originate from phishing and spam based emails. The email protection solutions offered by Allience Technologies help the administrator in filtering the inbox and hence the total time in managing the inbox is reduced considerably.

Web Protection

Allience Technologies works in close coordination with the clients to ensure that malicious and suspicious web content is filtered and blocked in Web 2.0 and zero-day environment. It also gives the administrator to control usage of internet as per the compliance and standard policies of the organization.

Network Protection

As described in the network protection tab, our range of distinct products help in complete network protection of the organizations.

Complete UTM Protection

Unified Threat Management (UTM) refers to development of traditional firewall into an integrated and all inclusive product that helps in providing various security solutions like network intrusion detection, anti-spam software, content filtering, data loss prevention, and application reporting. The clients can choose from various available alternatives to assure complete protection of their virtual environments and clouds.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Allience Technologies provide SIEM solutions to the clients that ensure real time analysis of security and system alerts generated by hardware and software installed on a network. Our team of experts assure that the monitoring of servers, databases, and firewalls installed in the client’s organizations in order to constantly keep a watch over malicious attacks and malwares. Our dedicated team work primarily in the areas of vulnerability management, access management, external threats management, and database log management.


The security solutions are wide and based on diverse organizational requirements

The security solutions help in reducing costs incurred on IT resources management

The need for on-site management of resources is also eliminated

The support system provides immediate support to the clients for assuring that the installed systems are always secured

Why Us

We assure complete protection and easy deployment of the solutions

We eliminate the need of management servers in IT security

We ensure protection against known viruses and probable threats

We ensure application of uniform policy across the organization

We provide user-based management

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Oustanding Achievement Award FY 2014-15: Tata Docomo


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