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In the current business environment, no organization could afford intrusions and attacks on the networks. Allience Technologies assures complete security of the organization’s network through our advanced network solutions. Based on the unique needs of the clients, the network security solutions are meant to cater the needs of large, medium, and small sized organizations.

Allience Technologies makes sure that the clients do not have to worry about the database and crucial information stored on the network. It helps the organizations in increasing the productivity since valuable resources are saved from any external threats. Our flexible and economical solutions not just act as watchdogs for the client’s network, but also work as a force to improve the business operations.


Allience Technologies provides the clients with the following wide range of products:


The network switches provide support to organization’s network in the campus,data centre and administrative offices. The switches deliver high performance by including modern features. It eventually helps in reducing the network complexity.


The router helps in transfer of data packets between computer networks. High speed computing and traffic directing could be made possible only with an efficient router. Allience Technologies provides complete router solutions for businesses. The requirements of an enterprise router depend on nature and size of the organization. The routers offered by Allience Technologies provide the network administrators complete control over traffic planning and also assures flexible access with easy troubleshooting. It helps in meeting the network solutions needs of the clients along with providing additional layer to the security.


A wide range of clients do not want wired network solutions for various reasons including the aesthetic feeling. Allience Technologies provides reliable wireless connections to manage deployments. Based on the environments in which these wireless products are needed, the simple solutions help in smooth flow of data and information. The products could be used and installed even in the most challenging outdoor environment, thereby helping in minimizing the downtime.

Server Load Balancer

For proper balancing and dividing the workloads across multiple computing devices, server load balance helps in diversion of traffic within the virtual rack. Allience Technology’s solutions for server load balance helps providing best in class load balancers which assure that the accessibility and scalability of the client’s websites and applications is never disrupted.

Link Load Balancers

The online traffic is never uniform and regulated. Link Load Balancer could be described as a network appliance which helps in distribution of traffic, both inbound and outbound, to and from various ISP links. With introduction of Link Load Balancers in the organizations, the clients could be rest assured that their applications, websites, and cloud services will continue to operate even when the ISP links slow down due to excessive traffic. For maximum uptime, the organization could afford more than one ISP links. The link load balancer uses simple traffic management algorithms to assure that all the leased ISP links are used to most optimum extent, thereby helping the organizations in getting maximum uptime. In this way, Allience Technologies helps in saving valuable resources of the clients.

SSL VPN / Universal Access Controllers

Allience Technologies provides the clients with SSL VPN solutions. SSL VPN is a private network which eliminates the need of specific software on the end user’s machine. This technology gives the users access to applications, servers, and internal networks, irrespective of whether the system has required software or not. The objective of SSL VPN is to simplify the traffic and facilitate smooth traffic between web browser and devices used by the end user.

Application Acceleration

The most frustrating part of accessing an application is the delayed response and slow response time. Allience Technologies helps the clients in resolving the most relevant issues related to application’s performance. The acceleration helps in better service adoption thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the infrastructure and providing highest return on investment. The solutions offered by us helps the clients in overcoming the most relevant network effects like WAN latency, packet loss, and bandwidth congestion. It also addresses other issues like difference in implementations and lack of distinction in web applications between cached and non-cached internet content.

Array Storage

Allience Technologies provides dedicated storage solutions to the clients that include traditional hard disks and SSD drives. NAS (Network Attached Storage), SAN (Storage Area Network), and Storage Virtualization solutions are provided to the clients based on their specific needs. It helps in better data storage and faster processing through boosted application performance.


Our solutions are sustainable i.e. the energy consumption is probably lowest in the class.

Our in-house support system consists of experts having impeccable knowledge of the data centre, branch, campus, and mobility

Integrated network technologies to provide complete solutions to the network security issues

Why Us

Our client-first approach has helped a large number of clients from different industries in securing the networks

The customer support handles the organizational issues promptly and professionally

The backend team consists of dedicated professionals having immense experience in the network security field

Awards and Recognitions

Recognition for Exceptional Performance for FY: 2009-10 by Tata Communications

Winner of Matrix Reloaded Incentive Scheme: Tata Teleservices Limited (Dec 2012)

Best Value Added Reseller Award: Premier Partner League Awards, 2012

Second Runner Up: Category D by Game Plan Japan, 2015

Category A Partner (Winner): Tata Communications, 2011

Life Cycle Management Partner Award in pursuit of excellence and outstanding achievement in FY 2013-14: Tata Docomo

Certificate of Appreciation: For commitment and contribution to ‘Do Big’ Scheme 2012-13: Tata Docomo

Base Management Award: For achievement of highest base growth in FY 2014-15: Tata Docomo

Oustanding Achievement Award FY 2014-15: Tata Docomo

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